Rental types - Should you choose a room or an apartment? studenthousingaarhus
Rental types - Should you choose a room or an apartment?


Rental Types - Which one should you choose?

A student apartment/youth apartment can either be a room or an apartment.
The type of housing that suits you best depends on your requirements for your accommodation.
Here, we have described what you can typically expect from both a room and an apartment.

A room is often a popular choice for students, young adults, and those looking for an economical housing solution.
Rooms are usually placed in a larger apartment or a dormitory, where you share common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and a living room with other residents.
In some rooms, you have your own entrance and bathroom but share a kitchen with other residents on the same dormitory corridor.
When you rent a room in a dormitory, the cost of internet, electricity, water, and heating is often included in the rent.
You also often have access to shared facilities such as common rooms, storage spaces, etc.
This rental type can be great for newcomers to Aarhus looking to make new acquaintances or for those who simply enjoy having people around.
Advantages: Low rent. Social opportunities.

Apartments are a versatile housing type ideal for those who want their own kitchen and bathroom.
They can vary in size and layout, and the price can vary depending on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms.
Student apartments are often cheaper to live in than properties owned by private landlords since there is no one looking to profit from them.
When you live in an apartment, you have more square footage than in a single room, providing you with better interior design options.
Some apartments have access to shared facilities, while others are in buildings without many additional amenities.
Advantages: More space. Private bathroom and kitchen.