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About the Housing Guarantee

We want to make sure that you have a place to live, when you start your education in Aarhus. We help ensure that by offering a housing guarantee. 

Aarhus municipality guarantees that all new students can get a student rental through StudenthousingAarhus. The housing guarantee applies to all 1-person applicants starting at an institution of
education in Aarhus in the autumn semester.

When you apply for the housing guarantee, you “move ahead” in the queue and are offered a random accommodation in a student residence or shared-facilities
house with a move-in date between July 15 and January 1. 

In the summer 2023, we anticipate that all applicants will be offered a rental before the study start.

There are some special conditions that apply to the housing guarantee.
You can read them here

How to apply

You can apply for the housing guarantee from February 1 to August 15. 

All you have to do is create an ordinary application on StudenthousingAarhus.com and then make sure to check the box in your
application called “Housing guarantee". You can also add the housing guarantee to your application later under 'Edit profile'. 

After applying, it is important that you e-mail us a document showing that you are enrolled in a study program at an institution of education in Aarhus that begins in the autumn semester. 
Please send the doucmentation to info@studenthousingAarhus.com no later than August 15.

Good to know about the Housing Guarantee

- You may be offered all types of single-room accommodations shown on www.StudenthousingAarhus.com - even accommodation types you have not applied for in your general application.

- You may be offered accommodation from 15 July – even if you on your general accommodation application have applied for a later date.

- If you turn down the offer or fail to respond to the offer, your registration on the Housing Guarantee list will be deleted, but your application on the general waiting list will be maintained.

- You are only able to apply for single-room accommodation. This means you cannot obtain housing via the Housing Guarantee if you want to share the accommodation with another student. Then you have to make a general 2-persons application.

- You can always contact us to get your application on the Housing Guarantee list deleted and maintain your general application.

- You cannot obtain information about your number on the Housing Guarantee list or information about when you will be offered accommodation.