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Waiting list and waiting times

How to understand the waiting time

The waiting time is an estimate of the time you have to wait to get a rental offer. The waiting time depends on different factors, such as the time of the year and the housing type that you wish for (whether it is an apartment or a room).

The waiting time is often longer, when the school year starts in August/September than for example during the spring.

You get priority if you come from a postal code outside of 8999.

When can I expect to get a rental offer?

You can see how much seniority your application has earned by logging into your user on the website.
You have to compare that to the waiting time to get an idea of, how long you have to wait.

As a 1-person applicant, you can apply for all rentals on the site, however, you will always be last in line for the 2-room apartments. We cannot predict the waiting time.

How long is the waiting time if I/we have kids?

Families with children or single parents with dependent children are on equal terms on the waiting list with other users.
If you are a single parent or pregnant (in week 12 or longer), you have to sign up as a 1-person user and send us your pregnancy record or documentation that you have kids.
Your application will then be adjusted so you are also able to apply for 2-room apartments like other 2-person applicants.

What happens if my desired move-in date is exceeded?

If your desired move in date is exceeded, we assume that you want to move in as soon as possible.