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About us


StudenthousingAarhus (in Danish UngdomsboligAarhus) is a collaboration between Kollegiekontoret i Aarhus, the housing organizations in Aarhus and the majority of the self-governing dorms in the city.
This collaboration makes your search for housing easier, as you can search all student housing at one place - namely here on this website. 

Kollegiekontoret is responsible for the allocation of all rentals. When you have moved into your new residence, the individual housing organization's take over and their rules will apply. 
The collaboration is, with other words, only present during the application process.  

Which housing organizations are a part of StudenthousingAarhus?

On the following list, you can see all the housing organization and self-governing dorms that take part in the collaboration: 

Housing organization:

Self-governing dorms and other departments:

  • Astridsvej
  • Børglum Kollegierne
  • Chr. X's Kollegium
  • Egmontgaarden
  • Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet
  • Rundhøj Kollegiet
  • Skejbo
  • Skjoldhøjkollegiet
  • Tandlægekollegiet
  • Vilh. Kiers Kollegium
  • Deas