How to get started studenthousingaarhus
How to get started

How to get started

It's free of charge for all students to search for rentals in Aarhus.

1. Create an application
Click on Create Application and make a user. It's super easy, quick, and completely free.

2. Find Your Dream Place
Go to Available Housing to see the homes that are available right now or with a short takeover date.
You can also go to View all housing to get a list of all rental properties.
Use the filters to narrow down your options so you find exactly what you're looking for.
Perhaps a cool apartment in the middle of Aarhus or a cozy student residence near your educational institution?
You decide.

3. Apply for rentals
Once you've found a place that suits you, apply for it. Just click "Add," and you'll get on the waiting list.
You can always add and remove your housing preferences as you like.
You just need to be registered for at least one rental.

4. Get an Overview on My Page
Once you're logged in, you can get an overview of the housing you've registered for and the housing offers you've received.
You should log in to your profile at least once a month.

5. You Receive a Housing Offer
Remember to check your email and the website regularly.
When there is an available rental for you, we will send you a housing offer by email, along with your position on the waiting list.
You need to respond with a yes or no to the offer.

6. Get Help if You Need It
If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact us.
We are ready to help you.

7. Waiting Time
The process of getting a rental can either go fast or take some time, depending on the type of home you desire.
Learn more about waiting times.