0110 - Kløvergården

None allowed

Address: Grenåvej 681, 8541 Skødstrup
Area: North
Number of apartments: 57 one room apartments, 25 two room apartments/apartments with two seperate bedrooms and 20 rooms in apartments with 3 seperate bedrooms. 
Administration: Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus, tel: 86 13 21 66, email: info@StudenthousingAarhus.com

Additional expenses:  For the rooms, use of electricity, water and heating is included in the monthly rent. 
For 1 and 2 room apartments, bills are paid in advance on average usage (A/C usage). Click on the type of apartment to see the prices. 

Additional information:  The stated accommodation size is the gross floor area and includes stairs, corridor etc. The gross floor is an estimate. The exact size will  be stated in the rental offer. Unlimited use of the internet is included in the rent. 

Pets: It is allowed to have pets which are kept in a cage, aquarium or terrarium. It is allowed to have one cage, aquarium, terrarium or one cat per room/apartment. Dogs may not be kept, nor brought into the building.