When you have an offer

How do I receive a housing offer?

When we have a place available, we send a housing offer to 5-20 people. If more than one person accepts the offer, it is awarded to the person who is highest on the waiting list for the particular offer. If we receive a termination notice from another resident in the same dorm/youth housing residence within the next eight days, this will be offered to the next person on the waiting list who had accepted the original housing offer.
If you accept an offer but have not heard from us within a few days, you have not been granted the housing.
If you  DO NOT receive a message, you have not been granted the housing.
You will receive housing offers relevant to your application via email.
We will also send a welcome email to you after you have submitted your application.

If you do not receive an email, you should check your spam folder and/or alter your email preferences. Check that you have submitted the correct email address on your application. 
You should be able to adjust your email account settings so that it accepts emails from StudentHousingAarhus/UngdomsboligAarhus and/or emails with PDF attachments.
Rental contracts will be sent via email. If you have a hotmail or gmail account, there may be problems receiving PDF files including housing offers from StudentHousingAarhus. You are therefore asked to ensure that your email account is set up to be able to receive these files from StudentHousingAarhus/UngdomsboligAarhus. 

You should also check your spam folder, as the welcome email or housing offers may have been directed there.

How to ensure that you receive mails, housing offers etc. from us:
  • Access your inbox and select 'settings' (top right corner), then 'advanced settings'
  • Choose 'prevent unwanted emails', then 'trusted and blocked senders'
  • Choose 'trusted senders'
  • Add the domain names:


Note that some housing organisations will send the contract in the post. It is therefore important that the address on your application is correct.

Accepting or rejecting offers

When you receive a housing offer, you must reply within the stated time period. If you do not reply, we will assume you have rejected the offer (see below).

You must accept the housing offer directly on your application page, which can be accessed via this website (you can not accept via phone). If nobody ahead of you on the waiting list also accepts the offer, we will send a rental contact to you. If you have any questions, you must contact the relevant housing association, which owns the housing offered.
You application will not be deleted, and you do not lose your priority, when you accept a housing offer. If you wish to keep you application active, you must remember to reapply once a month. If you do not reapply, your application will be deleted after six months. 

If you regret your accept of a housing offer after your lease is sent or your accept is passed on to the housing organization, your application will be deleted. You must submit a new application, if you still want to apply for housing. Remember to register your new address at the National Register of Persons (Borgerservice) 5 days after moving in at the latest. 

You can rejct a housing offer on your application page, which can be accessed via this website. You can reject two housing offers, but the third time you turn down an offer, your application will be deleted. If you wish to join the waiting list again, you must submit a new application.
If the deadline for replying has passed, and you reject an offer which you have previously accepted, your application will be deleted. If you wish to join the waiting list again, you must submit a new application.
When you have moved into a residence but keep your application active, you will still be offered housing. Any rejections will still count towards the maximum of three for one application. Therefore, you should only apply for those housing options in which you are genuinely interested. If you do not update your housing preferences, you risk being offered housing in the place you already live. 
Please be aware of your moving in date.

When can I move in?

The moving in date will be either the 1st of 15th of a month. 

How long can I live there for?

A Danish ministry sets the rules for when a tenant in a dorm or youth housing must give their notice for terminating a rental contract. The main rule is that the tenant must give three months notice when:

  • The tenant has completed their education.
  • The tenant has left their educational program before graduating.
  • The tenant has not completed their education one year after the expected graduation date of the educational program.
  • The tenant no longer meets the conditions under which the property is rented.

Housing organisations check at least once a year that residents are still in education.

NB: There are special rental conditions at Skejbo, which is administrated by Aarhus municipality. Usually, residents can live at Skejbo for two years, but there is the opportunity to apply for an extension every two years, for another two year rental period. The maximum rental period at Skejbo is six years.