Four requirements for obtaining housing

1. You must be between 18 and 35 years of age

You must be at least 18 years of age and at most 35 years of age, the day on which you move into your accommodation. The earliest you can send an application is on your 17th birthday.

2. You must be in – or will soon be in - education

The main eligibility rule for obtaining housing through StudentHousingAarhus is that you are are in education, enrolled as a student in Denmark in a danish educational program or soon will be.

You may apply even though you have not yet received confirmation of acceptance into your chosen education program. Note however, that the earliest you can apply for housing is 6 months before the expected study start date. You must send a copy of your educational documentation for the current academic year to us  by email or post (or as soon as you receive it if you have not yet started). This documentation may be for example, your acceptance letter, enrollment confirmation or your apprenticeship contract.

The following authorised full-time educations give you the right to apply for housing:
  • Higher education
  • Youth education
  • Vocational education
The following types of education do not allow you to apply for housing through UngdomsboligAarhus:
  • Evening school
  • Individual modules
  • Folk high school
  • Danish as a second language courses
  • Phd. 
  • Trainee
  • Internship (if you do not earn ECTS points)

There might be other possibilities anyway, please contact us to learn more. 


Email if you have any questions.

If changes occur in your start date, this must be notified to us in writing at

You can have an application 6 months before the start of your studies and while you are a student. If a break in one´s study activities arises, one is not entitled to keep an application but can have a new application 6 months before the next start of study.
If two people wish to apply to live together, at least one must be in education.
When two people apply for housing together, it is enough that only one of the applicants meets the requirements to apply for housing.

Exceptions: Skovkollegiet (housing types 30+31+32+33+34) and type 40 at Skejbo. In this case, both applicants must be in education.
If two people apply together it is only the first applicant (not the co-applicantI who can profit by possible priorities in the housing organisation.  

When can I move in?
You can move in 6 months before you begin your education. If you are already in education, you can move in at any time. Note that you are first placed on the waiting list 6 months before your requested moving in date.

3. You must submit an application

Your application is private
It is therefore ONLY you who can receive information about your application. If you want others to receive information, you must submit a power of attorney. 
Who can apply for 1 room apartments and 2 room apartments?
As an individual applicant, you can apply for all housing options. However:

  • Individual applicants will always be last in line for 2 room apartments.
  • When 2 people apply toegther, both applicants MUST move permanently into the residence. If not, the rental contract will be annulled as the residence has been acquired on false grounds.

As a couple/friends, you are jointly liable for the lease. This means that you are jointly liable for any costs which may arise in connection with the end of rental inventory.

  • 1 and a half room apartments are granted on equal terms to one and two person applications.
  • Two people can not apply for single rooms or one room apartments.

You can apply for housing as an individual or with another person.
You can apply for housing as an individual and/or with another person. If you wish to apply for housing both individually and with another person, you must submit two applications. You can only submit one application as an individual and one application with another person.

If you are a single parent/carer, you must submit a one person application. If you have shared guardianship of children, you also have the right to apply for a two room apartment, and your application will be prioritised. You must submit documentation which confirms your guardianship, for example a birth certificate or baptism certificate.

You can edit your application at any time
You can at any time add or remove housing options from your application, without losing your place in the queue. It is your application which determines your place in the queue, not the individual housing options that you have applied for.

Co-applicants cannot be replaced.
You cannot replace or add a co-applicant to your application at any time.
Nor is it possible to take over another person's application. If you wish to apply for housing with a co-applicant, you must submit a new joint application. In this way, you can submit both an individual application and an application together with your partner/friend. It is only possible to submit one application with a co-applicant.
Deletion and/or separation of applicants
If you and your friend/partner no longer wish to apply for housing together, you can either delete the application or have it split into two applications. If you choose to have it split into two, you must each submit a new application. The months you have earned on your joint application will be split equally between the two of you.

If you wish to delete a joint application:
UngdomsboligAarhus will delete your application for you both. In order to do so, we must have a signed confirmation from both parties, confirming that we may do so. Send us an email at:

If you wish to split your joint application in two:
If you wish to split your joint application in two, you must each submit a new application. The months you have earned on your joint application will be split equally between the two of you. Proof of study must be submitted by both applicants. 
Note that any previous joint housing offers carry over onto your new applications. (For example, if a housing offer in connection with your joint application was turned down, you can only reject a maximum of two housing offers on each new individual application.)
If you had submitted both an individual and joint application, and the individual application has earned more months than the joint application, we will delete the joint application and you will continue with your original individual application.

Keep your application up to date!
Remember to update your application if you change address, telephone number or email. It is the applicant's own responsibility to keep their application updated.
If you have not moved in on the moving in date, we assume that you will be moving in as soon as possible.

ACTIVE application

Your application is active:

6 months before your requested moving in date
6 months before your education program begins
When you remember to reapply
If you live outside of the Danish postal codes 8000-8999, you will automatically have priority during the first 6 months that the application is active? You will not gain this advantage if you live within the postal codes 8000-8999 at the time of application but later move outside of them. It will not affect your place in the queue if you live outside of the postal codes 8000-8999 and later move within them.
The estimated waiting times are based on applications from those who live outside of these postal codes.

A good tip for getting housing in time:
Since you are first registered as an active housing applicant 6 months before the start date of your education program, we recommend that you apply in good time.
NB: Only apply to move in before your education program begins if you are sure that you will be able to pay the rent.

4. You must reapply every month.

When you have submitted an application, you must renew it every calendar month to maintain its active status.

  • You need to use your application number and password every time you reapply.
  • You reapply by logging onto your application. 

If you forget to reapply:
If you do not reapply, you will be made inactive on the waiting list for the coming month. When you reapply again, your application will be made active on the waiting list the following month.
You do not need to begin your application from the beginning but you will not earn seniority during the month that you are inactive on the waiting list.

Your application will be deleted if…

  • You do not reapply for 6 months in a row. In this case, you must submit a new application if you still wish to apply for housing.
  • The response deadline has passed, and you turn down housing that you have previously accepted. You must submit a new application if you still wish to apply for housing.
  • The 3rd time you reject a housing offer. 
NB When you have moved into an accommodation, your rejections still count. If you do not change your accommodation wishes, you may risk receiving offers for housing you do not really want.