Important information about your application during COVID-19

The risk of transmitting the COVID-19 when people are together means that we will have to take extra precautions. You can still move in and out from your accommodation, but all precautions against covid-19 will be taken. For that reason, please don’t expect to view your accommodation offer, before you apply to the offer. You cannot view it, before you move in either.

Housing Guarantee for new students

The Housing Guarantee is for new students who start an education in the autumn. 
The Guarantee is only for one person applicants, 2 pesons cannot apply for housing gurarantee together. 

You can apply for your Housing Guarantee from 1 February to 15 August 2020 on the check box in your application "register housing gurarentee". 

The accommodations, which are the accommodations with the shortest waiting time, will be offered to applicants in order of registration on the Housing Guarantee list. 

New youth residences on Tage Hansens Gade from 1 september 2020

24 new residences located in the former county hospital i the centre of Aarhus. The youth residences are located in the former patient hotel and consist of 24 one-room apartments with private toilet and kitchenette. 12 of the residence are rented out to students and 12 to young people who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness. You must make a generel application on StudentHousingAarhus.com and add the residence. 
If you already have an application, just add the residence to that one. 

Housing for young people who are not students

Do you want a room at Skjoldhøj kollegium without attending an education? Then you can rent a room/keep living there until summer 2021 - contact info@kollegiekontoret.dk
If you want a 2-room apartment, you can rent it/keep living for 2 years, until summer 2022, without being in eduation.

An alteration concern. Skelagervej 128-164

The accommodation types have been changed, so you from now on can apply for both type 10 and type 20. If you already apply for this accommodation, please note that you from now on apply for both types, unless you remove one of the types from your application.

New apartments from 1 October 2020

Boligkontoret has 65 new youth accommodations ready for occupancy 1st of October 2020.
The apartments are located on Helsingforsgade and they are brand new. The accommodations will be rented out from the waiting list and you can add them on your application at StudentHousingAarhus.com 

2-friends/4-friends can be rented by nonstudents.


Right now we have available accommodations at Skovkollegiet located at Vintervej. 

If you are not studying, but wish to live in an environment with other young people, you may now apply for the following accommodations: 



To make an arrangement concerning rent and date for moving in, please contact the housing organisation AAB on phone no. 89 31 31 31.