Housing for young people who are not students - Skjoldhøj and Skovkollegiet

Do you want a room at Skjoldhøj kollegium without attending an education? Then you can rent a room/keep living there until summer 2021 - contact info@kollegiekontoret.dk
If you want a 2-room apartment, you can rent it/keep living for 2 years, until summer 2022, without being in eduation.

At present we have avalable housing at Skovkollegiet, located at Vintervej.

If you aren't a student, but wish to live in an 
environment with other young people you can apply for the following: 



If you want to arrange more about date of occupancy and hear the prices, please contact the housing organisation AAB on phone no.: 

+45 89 31 31 31.