Housing Guarantee for new students in Aarhus - NB the generel waiting list is put on hold during the period of the Housing Guarantee

The Housing Guarantee applies to all new students starting an education in Aarhus in the autumn semester. 
You can apply for the Guarantee from 1 February to 15 Augsut 2018 on Studenthousing.com. On your application there is a check box "register Housing Guarantee". 
The accommodations (who have the shortest waiting time) will be offered ot the applicants in order of registration on the Housing Guarantee list. 

You will only be offered one accommodation via the Housing Guaranteee. If you turn down the offer or fail to respond to the offer, your registration on the Housing Guarantee list will be deleted, and you will not be able to receive a new offer before the Housing Guarantee has finished". 

Learn more about the Housing Guarantee.