Editing your application

1. I want to move in with my partner/friend. Can I add them to my application?

It is not possible to add a co-applicant to your application. If you would like to live together, you must create a co-application together. In this way, you have both an individual application and a joint application together with your partner/friend. .
You can only submit one application together with another person.
It is not possible to take over another person's application.

2. I would like to delete the joint application I submitted with a previous partner/co-applicant and submit a new application with my current partner/co-applicant or have our joint application split into two.

It is not possible to change an applicant's name on a current application. If co-applicants no longer to live together, you can either delete your joint application completely or have it split into two individual applications. 

If you would like your application deleted:
UngdomsboligAarhus will delete your application for you. We must receive written confirmation from both applicants that we may do so. Please write us an email at: info@StudenthousingAarhus.dk  including your application number.

If you would like your joint application split into two:
If you would like your application split into two, you must create two new individual applications.  The months you had earned on your joint application will be split equally between your two new individual applications. Proof of study must be submitted by both applicants. 
Note that any previous joint housing offers carry over onto your new applications. (For example, if a housing offer in connection with your joint application was turned down, you can only reject a maximum of two housing offers on each new individual application.)
If you had submitted both an individual and joint application, and the individual application has earned more months than the joint application, we will delete the joint application and you will continue with your original individual application.