Creating an application

1. When can I create an application?
You can create an application six months before you are due to begin your education.
2. When can I move in?
If you are already in education, you can apply to move in at any time. If you have not yet begun your education, you can first apply to move in six months before you are due to start your education.
3. How old must I be to create an application?
 You must be at least 18 years of age and at most 35 years of age, the day on which you move into your accommodation. The earliest you can send an application is the month in which you turn 18.
4. Will the student housing I accept be automatically deleted from my application?
No, you must make sure that you keep your application up to date yourself. This means that when you accept a housing offer, and do not wish to receive another offer for the same place, you must delete that residence from your applicant profile yourself.