2-room apartment
Børglumvej , 8240 Risskov


2 room apartment
NOT shareable

Flooring: Linoleum.
Furnishing: Unfurnished, but comes with fixed cabinets in the hallway. 
Kitchen: Private
Shower/toilet: Private

Shared facilities

TV and Internet: Cable TV. IT and telephony is installed. 
Laundry: Self-payment launderette.

Shared inside facilities:
Music room with a bass guitar, lead guitar, set of drums, keybord and a piaono.
Table tennis
Table football
Atelier with easel and paining equipment. 
Brewing room
Sewing room
Function room
Sauna and shower
Lumber rooms

Additional information

Entry telephones

Afdelings info:

Address: Børglumvej 2, 21, 23 og 25, 8240 Risskov.

Area: North

Number of apartments: 464 rooms and 22 apartments. 

Administration: Børglum Kollegiet, Børglumvej 2, 8240 Risskov.

Tel: 86 21 55 52. Email: kontoret@boerglumkollegiet.dk

Additional expenses: The type 40 accommodations receive a seperate bill from the electricity providor. 

Additional information: The stated accommodation size is the gross floor area and includes entrace, stairs, corridor etc. The gross floor area is an estimate. The exact size will be stated in the rental offer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Smoking is banned in your room or apartment and indoor common areas. The smoking ban also applies to guests.

Pets: Not allowed.