1-room apartment
Havkærvænget , 8381 Tilst


1 room apartment 

Flooring: Beech parquet flooring.
Furnishing: Unfurnished but with fixed cabinets.
Kitchen: Kitchen is located in the entrance hall and equipped with fixed cupboards, 2 cooking plates and fridge with a freezer. 
Shower/toilet: Private shower/toilet.

Shared facilities

TV and Internet: You can choose between small og large TV package. The stated rent features the TV package, the current resident has chosen. 
Laundry: Laundrette
Common room
Parking spaces

Additional information

Green spaces

Afdelings info:

Address: Havkærvænget 22-272, 8381 Mundelstrup.
Area: WEST
Number of apartments: 16 one room apartments and 8 two room apartments.
Administration: Østjysk boligadministration, Søren Frichs Vej 25, 8000 Aarhus C.
Tel. +45 86 15 66 88.
Email: info@ojba.dk info@ojba.dk

Additional expenses: You must pay for electricity, water and heating on account. 
You must pay to an inside maintenance account. 

Additional information:  The stated apartment size is the gross floor area and includes entrance, stairs, corridor etc. 
The gross floor area is an estimate.
The exact size will be stated in the rental offer. 

Pets: One dog or one cat is allowed.