2-room apartment
Grete Løchtes Gade , 8000 Aarhus C

2 room apartment

Flooring: Parquet floor, ash. 
Furnishing: Unfurnished, but with fitted wardrobes. 
Kitchen: Stove, fridge and cooker hood.
Shower/toilet: Private.

Shared facilties

TV: The tenant must sign up him/herself. 
Laundry: Shared laundrette. 
Shared inside facilities:
Common room/café. 
Lumber room - 
admittance control
Shared outside facilities:
Bike shed. 

Additional informatioon

No parking spaces in association with the apartments. 

Afdelings info:

Address: Grete Løchtesgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C.

Number of apartments: 50 two room apartments. 

Administration: Boligforeningen Ringgården, Dybedalen 1A, 8210 Aarhus V.
tel: 88 30 30 50. Email: bogodt@bf-ringgaarden.dk.

Additional information: Type 40 + 41 is only available in a mirrored version. You cannot apply on the basis of the amount of rent as all the apartments are applied for on the basis of the same type. 
The stated apartment size is the gross floor area and includes entrance, stairs, corridor etc. The gross floor area is an estimate. The exact size will be stated in the rental offer. 

Pets: Not allowed.