1-room apartment
Pottemagertoften , 8270 Højbjerg

1 room apartment (10+11+12+13)

Flooring: Wood floor in the living room
Furnishing: At least 1 tall cupboard in the apartment.
Kitchen: Kitchen in the hallway. 2 cooking plates, no oven, cooker hood, sink and space for a small fridge (max 85 cm) under the worktop.  
IMPORTANT: The tenant must provide his/her own fridge. 
Shower/toilet: Toilet, washbasin and shower cabinet. Tiled floor. 

Shared facilities

Generel agreement with YouSee. Per default the small programme package which is paid with the rent. The tenant can choose a larger package by contact to YouSee. The tenant pay directly to YouSee. 
You sign up and pay directly to Telia-Stofa

Internet: The tenant chooses his/her own Inernet supplier and pays directly to the supplier. 
Laundry: Shared laundry with washing machine and tumble dryer.  

Additional information

Maintenance: The estate has an A-scheme
No storage room
The apartments on the ground floor have a small yard/terrace

Afdelings info:

Address: Karetmagertoften 140-186 + Pottemagertoften 10-138, 8270 Højbjerg.

Area: South

Number of apartments: 47 one room apartments and 9 two room apartments.

Administration: ALBOA, Vestergårdsvej 15, 8260 Viby J. Tel: 87 40 67 00.

Additional information: Karetmagertoften: Shared electricity meter. The costs are included in the net rent.
Pottermagertoften 6-16: Vand, varme og el opkræves særskilt fra leverandørerne. The tenants will receive seperate  water, heating and electricity bills from the water, heating and electricity providers.  
The rest of Pottermagertoften: The tenants will receive seperate electricity bills from the electricity provider. 

Yderligere informationer: The stated apartment size is the gross floor area and includes entrance, stairs, corridor etc. The gross floor area is an estimate. The exact size will be stated in the rental offer. 

Pets: 2 pets allowed.