1-room apartment
Skejbygårdsvej , 8240 Risskov


1 room apartment 

Flooring: Parquet floor
Furnishing: The accommodation are unfurnished, but with a cabinet on wheel can be borrowed while stock lasts.
Kitchen: Fixed cabinets, cooker with oven and fridge
Bathroom: Private bathroom/toilet

Shared facilities

Cable TV, Internet and telephone acess is installed. 
Link to Bolignet-Aarhus
Furnished common room with TV and kitchen
Bike shed with a lock

Additional information

Green spaces
Parking spaces
Lumber room

Afdelings info:

Address: Skejbygårdsvej 1-11, 8240 Risskov
Area: North
Number of apartments: 77 one room apartments, 46 two room apartments, 3 dublettes og 3 fourlettes
Administration: Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus, tel: +45 86 13 21 66, Email: info@StudenthousingAarhus.com 

Addtional expenses: In "Skelager I" (Skejbygårdsvej 3, 5, 7, 9 og 11)  is heating and water included in the rent. Electricity is settled individually. 
In "Skelager II" (Skejbygårdsvej 1) is heating and water included in the rent. Electricity is settled individually. 
In the rooms all utilities are included. 
Unlimited use of the Internet is included in the rent.

Additional information:  The stated housing sizes are the gross floor areas and includes entrances, stairs, corridors etc. The gross floor area is an estimate. 
The ezact size will be stated in the rental offer. 

Pets: Not allowed

Please note: Smoking is banned at the property of the hall of residence: Smoking is banned at indoor and outdoor common areas, entrances, staircases, balconies etc. Residents who move in after 1 July 2019 are not allowed to smoke in their own accommodation. The smoking ban also applies to guests.